10 Funny joke in English

10 Funny joke in English

10 Funny joke in English: “Computer & Mobile were invented to save our time”, what did the traffic light say to the car? don’t look! I’m about to change.

10 Funny joke in English

Joke:1 Although the little boy was only three years old, he already knew the alphabet. His proud parents
were showing off his accomplishment to a friend.
“My, you’re a smart young man,” said the visitor. “And what is the first letter?”
“A,” said the little boy.
“That’s right,” said the visitor, “and what comes after A?”
“All the rest of them,” said the little boy.

Joke:2  “How do you spell ‘extravagance,’ the teacher asked the little boy.”
“E-x-t-r-a-v-u-g-a-n-c-e,” he answered.
“No,” she said. “The dictionary spells it e-x-t-r-a-v-a-g-a-n-c-e.”
“But you asked me how I spell it,” said the boy.

Joke:3 The summer visitor asked the farmer, “What happened to the other windmill that was here last
“There was only enough wind for one,” said the farmer, “so we took it down.”

10 Funny joke in English

Funny joke in the English language

Joke:4 A couple of country boys rented a boat and went fishing. In a remote part of the lake, they found a
the spot where the fish were really biting.
“We’d better mark this spot so we can come back tomorrow,” one of them said.
“O.K., I’ll do it,” the second one said.
When they got back to the dock, the first one asked, “Did you mark that spot?”
“Sure,” said the second. “I put a chalk mark on the side of the boat.”
“You nitwit,” said the first. “How do you know we’ll get the same boat tomorrow?”

Joke:5 The lion was stalking through the jungle looking for trouble. He grabbed a passing tiger and asked,
“Who is the king of the jungle?”
“You are, O mighty lion,” answered the tiger.
The lion then grabbed a beer and asked, “Who is the boss of the jungle?”
“You, O mighty lion,” answered the bear.
Next, the lion met an elephant and asked, “Who is the boss of the jungle?”
The elephant grabbed him with his trunk, whirled him around, and threw him up against
a tree, leaving him bleeding and broken.
The lion got up feebly and said, “Just because you don’t know the answer is no reason
for you to get so rough.”

10 Funny joke in English

Best Funny joke in English

Joke:6 The teacher gave the little boy a tough problem. “Now,” she said, “if your father gave you ten cents
and your mother gave you twelve, and your uncle gave you six more, what would you have?”
The little boy immediately slipped into deep thought.
“Come on,” said the teacher, “certainly you can figure out a simple little problem like that.”
“It isn’t a simple problem,” the boy said. “I can’t decide whether I’d have an ice-cream cone
or a hamburger.”

Joke:7 Little Susie, her parent’s first child, didn’t begin to talk until she was four years old. The first time
she spoke was at the breakfast table, when she said, “This cereal has lumps in it.”
Her parents were astounded. They asked her why she had never said anything before.
The child replied, “Until now, everything has been O.K.”

Really funny joke in English

Joke:8 The students in the composition class were assigned the task of writing an essay on “the most
beautiful thing I ever saw.” The student who, of all the members of the class, seemed the least
sensitive to beauty, handed in his paper first, with astonishing speed. It was short and to the
point. He had written: “The most beautiful thing I ever saw was too beautiful for words.”

Joke:9 A lady had hired an artist to paint her portrait.
“Will it be pretty?” she asked.
“Of course,” said the artist. “You won’t know yourself.”

Joke:10 A modern artist was showing off his work. He pointed to a blank canvas and said, “That is a cow grazing.”
“Where is the grass?” the visitor asked.
“The cow has eaten it,” the artist said.
“Well, then, where is the cow?” the visitor wanted to know.
“You don’t suppose,” said the artist, “that she’d stay thereafter she’d eaten all the grass” do you?”

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