10 Maths puzzles with answers, Math puzzle for kids, Math puzzles brain teasers

10 Maths puzzles with answers

10 Maths puzzles with answers: A cake has to be cut into three equal pieces but only three times can you cut it?

Puzzle: 1 (8 + 8 = 91) Make this correct without changing it?

The Answer Is: (8 + 8 + = 16)


Puzzle: 2  40 birds of one $, a pigeon of 3 $, a path of 5 $ Tell me how will birds come in 100 $?

The Answer Is: 80 birds = 2 $
1 pigeon = 3 $
19 chickens = 100 $

Puzzle: 3  A cake has to be cut into three equal pieces but only three times can you cut it?

The Answer Is: First, cut the cake straight and stand twice in two, the cake will be four pieces, Now keep all the pieces on top and cut them in half together.


Puzzle: 4 There were 10 apples in a basket, called my friends, and gave one apple to everyone, yet one apple survived in the basket. Tell how?

The Answer Is: He gave one apple to his first no friends and gave the basket to the tenth friend, so there was an apple in the basket.


Puzzle: 5 How much soil will be in a 6 feet wide three feet deep pit?

The Answer Is: Nothing because the mess is empty


Puzzle: 6 It takes 2 days for four people to dig a pit, how much time will it take to dig the same pit?

The Answer Is: Not a day because the hole is inscribed


Puzzle: 7 Multiplying all the digits of the telephone, what will be the number obtained?

The Answer Is: 0 because multiplying any number by 0 gives 0


Puzzle: 8 If a boy is 25 years old, his father is 50 years old, then how much is the boy younger than his father and how old is his father?

The Answer Is: Dad is (100-50) / 25) * 100% older than the boy means 100% older.
((50-25) / 50) * 100% smaller means 50% smaller.


Puzzle: 9   6 men eat 6 mangoes in 6 minutes then tell me
In how many minutes will 60 men eat 60 mangoes?

The Answer Is: 6 minutes

Puzzle: 10 If a farmer has 17 sheep, but all except 9 dies, then how many sheep are left with the farmer?

The Answer Is: 9 sheep



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