5 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know 2021

5 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know 2021

5 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know 2021: WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications. There are many WhatsApp tips and tricks that you probably did not know. In addition to sending messages, users can also make audio and video calls, as well as share photos and videos, documents with other users. You can also share etc.

5 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know 2021

The WhatsApp app is used not only for personal conversations but also for professional chats. If you want, you can also customize your chat in many ways.

1 See the message without the sender knowing:

There is a ‘Read Receipts’ option in WhatsApp, which notifies the sender after reading or seeing your message, but if you want, you can see the message without informing the sender, then there is a trick. Once you have received the message, turn on Airplane Mode and then open the chat and read it.

Then you can exit from WhatsApp. Then all you have to do is turn off the Airplane Mode mode, and the sender won’t know that you’ve read their message.

2 Pin a WhatsApp Chat:

5 Secret WhatsApp Tricks: Due to the new chat, sometimes it happens that an important chat of work goes down in the list. To make sure you always have easy access to the chats you need, you can pin them to WhatsApp. You can long-press or swipe to pin a chat so that it is always at the top of your chat list and you can easily view it.

3 Create WhatsApp GIF:

WhatsApp allows us all to send GIFs from Tenor and Giphy. Do you know? Key users can create their own GIF on WhatsApp itself. You can make GIFs from videos saved on your phone. First, you open a chat and choose the video you want to send. You will see the video editing screen before you hit the send button.

Here, adjust the length of the video to 6 seconds or less, and then select the GIF option. Your video will be converted to GIF. Note that GIFs can only be created for videos with a duration of 6 seconds.

4 Edit the WhatsApp image:

You can also edit the image inside WhatsApp. There are many editing tools available like cropping photos, adding stickers and emojis, color text, and doodling. To do this, you have to first select the image that you want to send and then you will see the WhatsApp photo editor. With the help of an editor, you can edit the photo very easily.

5. You Can Hide WhatsApp Web Notifications:

If you use WhatsApp, then there are constant notifications coming on your phone. It will disappear only after you disconnect WhatsApp Web. You can do this by going to your phone’s Settings menu and searching for WhatsApp in the Apps section. Select Notifications. And then scroll down to find ‘other notifications’. Now turn it off and the WhatsApp web notification will disappear.

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