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Brain teasers for adults

Brain teasers for adults What bank never has any money.

Riddle: 1 Is a rounded but not a ball? There is glass but there is no mirror. Gives light but no sun?

Answer: The bulb


Riddle: 2 Who is the one whose body is red but the face is black? From morning to evening, he eats paper and in the evening someone takes all the paper by putting his hand in his stomach?

Answer: Letter-box


Riddle: 3 What is it that can be soaked in rain that it never gets wet?

Answer: Water


Riddle: 4 What can you keep even after giving it to someone?

Answer: Your word.


Riddle: 5 What is that, if you put your finger in her eyes, she opens her mouth?

Answer: Scissors


Riddle: 6 Who is there who has four fingers and a thumb, but if any of his fingers or thumbs are cut, then it does not matter?

Answer: Glove


Riddle: 7 What is she who has one eye, yet she cannot see?

Answer: Needle


Riddle: 8 What is the thing that does not have wings, yet it flies in the air? She does not have hands yet she fights?

Answer: Kite


Riddle: 9 an empty stomach, big Mastani,

People will call her, queen of water

Answer: Boat


Riddle: 10 Green circles, yellow house,

Living in it, black humans

Answer: Mustard


Riddle: 11 What is the thing that melts even in cold?

Answer: Candle

Riddle: 12 Which fruit is sweet when raw and sour when ripe?

Answer: Pineapple


Riddle: 13 I am green but I am not a leaf.

I am an imitator but I am not a monkey.

Tell me who I am

Answer: Parrot


Riddle: 14 His name is little boy, Lal Bai

Wearing ghagra is worth a penny

Answer: Red-Mirch

Riddle: 15 I come only once in life, I will not come again.

He who does not recognize me regrets throughout his life.

Answer: Chance


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Brain teasers for adults
Brain teasers for adults

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