Call this number immediately in case of online fraud

Call this number immediately in case of online fraud: Since the beginning of Covid-19, there was a warning of increase in cyber fraud. Many cyber and security experts had warned people about this and it has been so today. There has been a significant increase in the cases of cyber attacks all over the world. Recently, two US companies have been victims of major cyber attacks.

Banking Service Increased:

Today, as fast as the banking service is growing in India, frauds are also happening faster than that. Every day there is an online fraud with someone or the other, but due to lack of information, people are not able to complain about the fraud with them on time. The Cyber ​​Cell of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Delhi Police has joined hands to prevent online fraud and save people’s earnings. The Cyber ​​Cell of the Home Ministry and Delhi Police has launched a helpline number on which you can lodge a complaint immediately. Let’s know in this post!

Home Ministry and Delhi Police:

The Cyber ​​Cell of the Home Ministry and Delhi Police has started the helpline number 155260. If you are a victim of any kind of online fraud then you should call this number immediately. In 7 to 8 minutes, the money blown from your account would have been transferred from the ID to the other account. Alert messages will be sent to that bank or e-sites from the helpline. Then the amount will go on hold.

Call This Number:

155260 pilot project with Cyber ​​Portal of Ministry of Home Affairs and Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police was started in November last year to prevent online frauds but now it has been fully launched. is.

Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination is such a platform whose first user has become Delhi. Rajasthan has also been added. After this all the states will become users.

About 55 banks, e-wallets, e-commerce sites, payment gateways and other institutions have an interconnect platform named ‘Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting System’. Through this platform, victims of online financial frauds can be saved in a very short time. Many people have been saved from being cheated by this helpline!

Ten lines of this helpline number:

There are ten lines of this helpline number, so that no one gets this number busy. If you call the helpline number 155260 you will be asked for the name, number, and timing of the incident. After taking some basic information from you, it will be forwarded to the respective portal and dash board of that bank e-commerce. Also, the information will be shared with the bank of the victim. 2 to 3 hours of fraud is extremely important. So register complaint as soon as possible. You can also register complaint online on this portal at

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