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English Puzzle With Answers

English Puzzle With Answers: A girl fell off a 40 feet ladder but still did not get hurt. why? What is it that dies when it drinks water?

English Puzzle With Answers

Riddle: 1 The hen lays eggs and the cow gives milk.
But who gives both eggs and milk?

The Answer: Shopkeeper

Riddle: 2 What is it that dies when it drinks water?
The Answer: Thirst

Riddle: 3 What is it that does not come down after going up?
The Answer: Age

Riddle: 4 Which is the one thing that you can see but cannot touch
The Answer: The shadow

Riddle: 5 What is it that falls before you sleep?
The Answer: Your Eyes

Riddle: 6 What is it that you pick up and keep many times a day?
The Answer: steps

Riddle: 7 What is it that you eat and drink?
The Answer: Coconut

Riddle: 8 What do you have that is not yours but yours?
The Answer: Money

Riddle: 9 What is that which happens in June but not in December, is in the fire but not in the water?
The Answer: Summer

Riddle: 10 What is it that takes years to make but does not take even 1 minute to break?
The Answer: Trust

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Riddle: 11 What can a boy give easily to a girl but a girl can never give?
The Answer: Surname

Riddle: 12 What is it that suddenly stops when it is exposed?
The Answer: Light

Riddle: 13 Which song is the whole world in motion?

Riddle: 14 What begins with the letter ‘t’, is full of ‘t’ and finishes with ‘t’?

The Answer: A Teapot with Tea in it.

Riddle: 15 A girl fell off a 40 feet ladder, but still did not get hurt. Why?
The Answer: She fell off the bottom step.

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