How many types of hosting? Different types of hosting!

How many types of hosting?

How many types of hosting? Just as any business requires a shop or store, similarly web hosting also gives us the same facility as a shop. In return, we have to pay the hosting fee. On the basis of the hosting plan, you have to pay the hosting fee on web hosting. You can keep your videos, photos, text, etc. your users can also access your website from anywhere. this process is called web hosting!

How many types of hosting?

There are two types of web hosting depending on the operating system.

1. What is Linux hosting

When you get web hosting on the computer of a web server that has Linux operating system installed, it is called Linux web hosting because Linux operating system is an open-source software it is available for free to everyone, then this hosting service It costs companies less to deliver and is cheaper for you too.

2. What is Windows hosting?

Web hosting computers that have Windows operating system is called Windows hosting. Now because Windows is not the free hosting company has to buy a license for Windows so it is more expensive than Linux web hosting that day and that is why most blogs and websites are hosted on Linux web hosting.

There are three types of web hosting based on website support.

  • Shared Web Hosting

  • Virtual Private Server

  • Dedicated Web Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting stores many website files simultaneously on one server, so this hosting is called shared web hosting. All the resources of the computer like processor, RAM, and hard disk are used together by all the websites but it is the same Because of this hosting is cheaper than all hosting, but it also has some disadvantages if traffic comes to your website more then it is not right for you!

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A virtual private server is similar to share web hosting, but here a server is divided into a number of virtual servers! Just as you partition your hard disk, In exactly the same way, the hard disk remains the same even after partitioning It is like different rooms in the same house. These web servers are more secure than shared web hosting and can handle more traffic.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

Here a server is set up separately for a website and all its resources use only one website. This web hosting is good for a website with a lot of traffic like if you have any commercial website which has a lot of If there is more traffic, then you can take dedicated web hosting, because if a server is set aside for you, then it costs a lot.

How many types of hosting?

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