How to check mobile phone real or fake?

How to check mobile phone real or fake? India has become the big market for smartphone in the world. The number of phones being launched every month in India will hardly be launching in any other country. Mobile phone sales in India are done both offline and online.

How to check mobile phone real or fake?

But in today’s time, many times it happens when a fake or stolen phone reaches in someone’s hand and he does not even know about it, in today’s report we are going to tell you about the real and fake smartphone. I’m going to show you the right way!

Know your mobile phone is real or fake:

The Department of Telecommunication has come up with a way with the help of which people can easily get information about their mobile, if you also want to identify your phone whether your phone is real or fake then you can through a message You can get information!

First Method:

The first way is that you can check your phone by going to by entering Mobile Number, OTP and IMEI Number.

Second Method:

Another way is with messages. You give space by typing KYM in your phone and after that enter 15 digit IMEI number and send it to 14422.

After sending the SMS, you will get a message in which the company name of the phone along with many other information will be there. If IMEI IS VALID is written in the message then your phone is genuine and not stolen.

Apart from messaging, you can also get phone information using KYM – Know Your Mobile application. With this application, you will get complete information about your phone, if your phone’s IMEI No does not show in this information and it is coming by writing a block, then understand that your phone is not real, it means your phone is fake!

How to check IMEI No:

You may not know the IMEI number of your device, so just dial *#06#. If the phone has two numbers then two IMEI numbers will come. You can get mobile phone information by sending a message from any one IMEI. You can also see the IMEI Number of your mobile on the box.

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