How to check win 11 working on your pc or not?

How to check win 11 working on your pc or not? Microsoft has launched its new operating system Windows 11. Microsoft has announced that the Windows 11 operating system will be available as a free upgrade to all Windows 10 users. But there are some hardware requirements that you should be aware of before installing the new operating system.

How to check win 11 working on your pc or not:

Today, through our post, we will also give you information about how you can check whether your laptop or PC will be compatible with Windows 11 or not by visiting the official site of Microsoft.

If your system is compatible with Windows 11 run then you will be able to use the new operating system for free but your system should have at least 4 GB RAM, 64 GB memory, and a 64-bit processor.

If you do not know which processor is in your system or how much RAM is given in your system. After scanning, it will give you information about whether Windows 11 will run on your system or not.

Check Win-11 Compatibility For Laptop & PC:

Follow These Step Properly:

1. You have to first go to in any browser on your laptop or PC.

2. After this, you have to keep scrolling down on this page until you see the Check for Compatibility section, in this section, you will see the Download App button, click on it.

3. Now you have to click on the downloaded setup to complete the installation. Now follow the instructions which are being given on the screen and let the installation process complete.

4. Now after the installation is complete, you have to tick the Open Windows PC Health Check option and click on Finish.

5. In this software, you will see the active button of Check Now which is located just below the Windows 11 banner.

If you follow these 5 easy steps mentioned above, then you can easily find out whether your PC will support Win-11 or not!

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