How to make pizza puff at home

How to make pizza puff at home: Pizza Puff Recipe in English

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How to make pizza puff at home

How to make pizza puff at home: If you are fond of eating pizza, try pizza puff recipe at home this time. It is not very difficult to make it. Also, it will remove the cravings of eating your pizza. At the same time, if you eat pizza for fear of having Flour or you do not want to eat, then the pizza puff can be easily made by mixing it with wheat flour and semolina. At the same time, a lot of vegetables in it are also beneficial for health. So let’s know the recipe for making pizza puffs easily at home.

Pizza puffs made of wheat flour and semolina:

One cup wheat flour
One cup semolina
Salt as per taste
baking powder
Hot water to make dough
Pizza has an onion chopped
A tomato chopped
Chopped capsicum
Grated cheese, parsley
Cayenne pepper to taste.

Pizza Puff Recipe:

To make pizza puff, add semolina, oil, baking powder, salt to the wheat flour and knead it. Use warm water to knead. This will help keep the puff crisp.
Now in a pan mix chopped onion, tomato, capsicum and Paneer. Mix salt, black pepper, red Chili and celery in it and keep this mixture in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Make a dough of dough by applying light oil in your hands and roll out the shape of a Bread. Cut the edges with a knife to make the bread square. Now divide the square bread into two equal parts. Now fill the stuffing in this Bread and apply water on the edges and close it. To make the edges beautiful, press them with the help of a fork. So that the design is made and looks beautiful.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the puffs. Your hot pizza puff is ready. It is perfect for an evening snack for a tea snack. On the other hand, if you have an oven, you can also cook it in it.

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