Math brain teasers with answers, Math puzzle, Mathematical puzzles, Math riddles

Math brain teasers with answers

Math brain teasers with answers: Friends, if you also have a passion for solving puzzles, you can come to our website, here we update the new puzzle daily? And if you have any puzzle too, then do tell us in the comments!

Riddle: 1  If a pen sells for Rs 5, then Rs 3. Profit, same pen 9 Rs. If I am selling, what will be the benefit?

The answer is: 7 rupees

Riddle: 2 How many months of the year are there 28 days

The answer is: In all months 28 days


Riddle: 3 I come once in JUNE, twice in NOVEMBER, but not once in May. what am I?

The answer is: E letter


Riddle: 4 How many ‘seconds’ are there in a year.

The answer is: 12 (2nd of every month) 2nd January, 2nd Feb, 2nd March …


Riddle: 5 When do two and two together become more than 4?

The answer is: 22


Riddle: 6 A horse is tied with a 5-meter long rope and his food is kept 10 meters away. How will the horse eat food?

The answer is: The answer is The other end of the rope is not tied anywhere.


Riddle: 7 When 2 is added to 11, answer 1 comes?

The answer is: When you add 2 hours at 11 o’clock, the answer comes at 1 o’clock.


Riddle: 8 I am the child of a father, a child of a mother, but I am not the son of anyone. Who am I?

The answer is: A daughter.


Riddle: 9 What is going from left to right at the moment?

The answer is: Your eyes.


Riddle: 10 Which of the 100 kg cotton and 100 kg iron is heavier?

The answer is: Both have equal weight.


Riddle: 11 What is there that has 88 keys but still it cannot be opened.

The answer is: The piano?


Riddle: 12 What do you have that you can hear, you can control, but can not touch or see.

The answer is: Your voice

Riddle: 13 There is a storey house. His curtains are red, the roof is red, the walls are red, the floor is red, so tell me what color his steps will be.

The answer is: No color This is just a storey house.


Math brain teasers with answers,
Math brain teasers with answers,

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