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Puzzle With Answer

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Puzzle:1 My organ, full of green, stays locked in the box
Opening the box is easy, tell me my name?

The answer is: PEAS

Puzzle: 2 I am like everyone, pearl closed in the walls
My tree is very thriving, but never burns?

The answer is: BANANA

Puzzle: 3 When they burn, they cry
Everyone is happy to burn them!

The answer is: FIRECRACKERS

Puzzle:4 Which is something that originates in water and dies in the water itself? What is that?

The answer is: SALT

Puzzle: 5 Which is the thing that you buy to eat but do not eat? Tell me what that is.
The answer is: PLATE

Puzzle:6 What is it that keeps going but never gets tired? What is that?

The answer is: TONGUE

Puzzle: 7 What is the thing that we eat but neither can we see it not touch it? Tell me what is this.

The answer is: AIR

Puzzle: 8 What bag is it
Which is used only when wet,
Can you answer that?

The answer is: TEA BAG

Puzzle: 9 Who is the one who sees the sun from morning to evening, can you solve this puzzle?

The answer is: SUNFLOWER

Puzzle: 10 Walking without feet
Wipe the mouth with both hands.
What is that?

The answer is: WATCH


Puzzle With Answer
Puzzle With Answer

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