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Riddles questions and answers in English, Where Is The Ocean The Deepest

Riddles questions and answers in English

Riddles questions and answers in English Where Is The Ocean The Deepest? In this post, we are going to tell you 10 very funny puzzles if you like our post, then please share it, let’s know what those puzzles are!

Puzzle: 1 Where is the ocean the deepest?

Ans: on the bottom

Puzzle: 2 yellow I look and massive I weigh.
In the morning I come to brighten your day.
what am I?

Ans: A School Bus

Puzzle: 3 What is the easiest way to double your money?

Ans: Put it in front of the mirror

Puzzle: 4 What has a thumb and four fingers but it is not alive?

Ans: A glove

Puzzle: 5 What is it that has to be broken before using it?

Ans: egg

Puzzle: 6 What is the thing that always grows?

Ans: Age

Puzzle: 7 Ears are deaf, the mouth is silent eyes are blind but tell me, who I am?

Ans: The Doll

Puzzle: 8 The black color is my pride, I give knowledge to everyone
Teachers work on me, What am I?

Ans: Blackboard

Puzzle: 9 Which is the thing that freezes in summer and melts in winter?

Ans: Running Nose

Puzzle: 10 What is something that does not get wet in the water?

Ans: The Shadow

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