The hundred thousand dollar puzzle – 25 Puzzle

The hundred thousand dollar puzzle

The hundred thousand dollar puzzle: What is that, which increases by giving, What has hundreds of ears but can’t hear a thing?

Puzzle:1 Four wells without water thieves, 18 A queen came to sit in it, a policeman beat everyone and put them in the well, tell me what?

Answer this puzzle: Carrom Board

Puzzle:2 What is such a thing, the more you pull it, the less it becomes less?

Answer this puzzle: Cigarettes

Puzzle:3 A boy and a doctor were shopping, the boy was the son of the doctor but the doctor was not the father of the girl, so who was the doctor?

Answer this puzzle: Boy’s mother

Puzzle:4 Which is the fastest growing tree in the world?

Answer this puzzle: bamboo tree

Puzzle:5 100 thieves in a palace. Mouth black, tail white?

Answer this puzzle: Match

Puzzle:6 What is that, which falls down as soon as you sleep and it also gets up as soon as you get up?

Answer this puzzle: Your eyelids

Puzzle:7 What is that thing, which has not yet set foot in the world, but still it is visible to everyone?

Answer this puzzle: Sun

Puzzle:8 We ask for victory everywhere, but what is the place where we ask for defeat?

Answer this puzzle: Flower Shop

Puzzle:9 What is that, which increases by giving?

Answer this puzzle: Knowledge

Puzzle:10 What is such a thing, which is neither caught, nor tied, nor touched, nor cut, but is seen?

Answer this puzzle: Shadow

The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle

Puzzle:11 In which month of the year the person is the least?

Answer this puzzle: February

Puzzle:12 A boy and a girl were going on a motorcycle, a policeman stopped them and asked about their relationship, the boy said that his father-in-law is my father-in-law’s father, tell me what the boy and the girl relationship.

Answer this puzzle: Mother-in-law and son-in-law

Puzzle:13 Two sons and two fathers went to see the circus, they had only three tickets, yet how did everyone see the circus!!

Answer:- Because he was only three, grandfather, father and grandson

Puzzle:14 sons of an old lady, the whole family is fine, but the house is of glass, tell me what?

Answer this puzzle: Clock

Puzzle:15 What is it, which was never there and never will be, but it is?

Answer this puzzle: Tomorrow

Puzzle:16 White ball fell from the sky, exploded on the ground. Eat the kernels, then don’t tell the taste, what?

Answer this puzzle: Hailstone

Puzzle:17 A small soldier, dragged his stomach, tell me what?

Answer this puzzle: Banana

Puzzle:18 It keeps on moving forever, still I cannot stop. Whoever competed with me, transferred only him, tell me what?

Answer this puzzle: Clock

Puzzle:19 How many more birthdays does a human have?

Answer this puzzle: one

Puzzle:20 If you have 2 cows and 4 goats, then how many legs do you have?

Answer this puzzle: Two legs

Puzzle:21 Tell the name of that song, which is sung all over the world?

Answer this puzzle: Happy Birthday to you.

Puzzle:22 Which part of the body shines the most?

Answer this puzzle: Eye

Puzzle:23 What room can nobody enter?

Answer this puzzle: The letter M.

Puzzle:24 The answer for What has four legs, but can’t walk?

Answer this puzzle: Table

Puzzle:25 What has ears and Cannot hear?

Answer this puzzle: CORN

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