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Tricky maths puzzles with answers

Tricky maths puzzles with answers: You are all welcome on our website, we update this website every day. Hopefully, you will like our puzzles. Whatever puzzle you can solve, let us know in the comments.

Riddle: 1 28 goats were going towards the farm. Respectively of them: 6 goats lost their way, 13 goats returned and 9 goats reached the farm. How many other goats are still left?

The answer is: 0. Because it is written in the question respectively:, means the events occurred in sequence.

28-6 = 22,

22-13 = 9

9-9 = 0


Riddle: 2 Draw a line and shorten it without touching the line again.

The answer is: A long line is drawn in front of this line. The first line will automatically shorten.


Riddle: 3 Mili has 5 girls and all of them have one brother each. How many children of Mili are there?

The answer is: 6. Because there is a common brother among 5 sisters. Thus Mili has 5 daughters and 1 son.


Riddle: 4 Each monkey eats 5 bananas in 5 minutes, so tell me how long will it take for 4 monkeys to eat 4 bananas? Together tell how many monkeys would be required to eat 30 bananas in 30 minutes.

The answer is: It will only take 1 minute for 4 monkeys to eat 4 bananas. Because each monkey eats 5 bananas in 5 minutes, thus if he eats one banana in 1 minute, it will take only 1 minute for 4 monkeys to eat 4 bananas. Similarly, if 30 bananas have to be eaten in 30 minutes, then 1 monkey will be enough.


Riddle: 5 If 4 people can make 4 cycles in 4 hours, then how many cycles will 8 people make in 8 hours?

The answer is: 16, because according to question 4 people can make 4 cycles in 4 hours, then 8 people will make 8 cycles in 4 hours, and in 8 hours they will make 16 cycles in double.


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