What business can I start with 10000 rupees? Business Idea

What business can I start with 10000 rupees

What business can I start with 10000 rupees: Friends, if you are also tired of running around for a job and are planning to start your own business, then this post can prove to be important for you. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods of business which can change your future. The special thing is that for this you will have to invest only five to 10 thousand rupees, not lakhs of rupees. Yes, you can earn good money with just a small investment. Let’s know about them.

Shoe Washing Business Idea:

Nowadays, machines for washing and cleaning shoes have also come in the market. People have started getting their shoes washed in the laundry, not just clothes. You can earn good money by starting this work.

Mobile Recharge Shop Idea:

You can open your own mobile recharge and sim card shop. For this, you will have to invest more than about eight to 10 thousand rupees. The most important thing about this business is that it is always in demand. You can also open your own mobile recharge and SIM card shop at your home.

Printer and Photo Business Idea:

Printer and photo copy business can also become a good means of earning for you. You will earn through this with a modest investment. If you open your own printer and photocopy shop near a school or college, then you will get even more profit.

Tailoring Business Idea:

If you start tailoring work sitting at your home, it can prove to be a very good option for you. Women can do this work even more efficiently. For those who are fond of tailoring, this work can be very interesting. If you work diligently in this business, then day by day your customers will increase and you will get more profit.

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